Top 10 Favorite Post Rock Records

A busy schedule has delayed today top 10. I’m going with my favorite post rock/instrumental albums. You can argue that some of these records don’t belong as “post rock” albums and it’s probably fair and to be honest I could probably done a top 20 albums just off the top of my head. Post rock is probably my favorite genre of music (although hardcore is right there). Enjoy.

10. Rachel’s – Systems/Layers

While I know the general public opinion is that Selenography is Rachel’s best album, but it was never as pleasing a listen to me as Systems/Layers was. Systems/Layers is such a pretty record and an easy listen. Water from the Same Source, Last Things Last, and NY Snow Globe are all highlights.



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3 responses to “Top 10 Favorite Post Rock Records

  1. You ever listen to Pelican? Definitely one of my favorite post-rock/metal bands. “Forecast For Today” is one of the coolest instrumental songs I've ever heard.


  2. I like Pelican. I think they're a much better live band though. I could've put Russian Circles on this list too.


  3. Hammock is pretty cool thanks for the recommendation. Anything new from 2011 come out yet you can recommend?


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