Top 10 Favorite DC Records

I’ve spent my entire life in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. DC has a rich punk rock and hardcore history. Here are my top 10 favorite DC records.

10. Nation of Ulysses – Plays Pretty for Baby

Plays Pretty For Baby is a pretty straightforward punk album. While odd at times, the songs are mostly 4 on the floor, driving punk songs.

9. Minor Threat – Complete Discography

I know it’s ridiculous to have Minor Threat at number 9. The hardcore legends have earned their place in music history and in DC music history for sure. Minor Threat’s complete discography is a perfect picture of hardcore in 1984.

8. The Crownhate Ruin – Until the Eagle Grins

Post Hoover, members went on to form The Crownhate Ruin. One of the better early 90’s post hardcore record.

7. The Dismemberment Plan – Change

Dismemberment Plan’s final studio album as a smoother, more polished, more refined sound, and while it’s not really a departure from any of the band’s earlier work, it’s just enough of a sonic shift to capture my attention a little more.

6. Beauty Pill – The Unsustainable Lifestyle

One of those little indie rock gems that very few people know about. Their one and only full-length is a beautiful, although lyrically twisted at times, indie rock album that Dischord put out a handful of years back. An excellent album that should be checked out and enjoyed.

5. Faraquet – The View from this Tower

The View from this Tower is a record that breaks convention on how music should be played. Math rock as it should be. Plenty of starts and stops, time signatures changing mid track.

4. Fugazi – Repeater

I’ve mention before that Repeater is the Fugazi record I listen to most. Great songs from probably the most recognizable DC band.

3. Rites of Spring – End on End

While Rites of Spring was another short-lived band, they managed to produce one of the best DC punk records. End on End didn’t fall into the hardcore stylings that were happening in 84/85 but played a different brand of punk rock. You can hear what Guy Picciotto would bring to Fugazi on End on End.

2. Frodus – And We Washed Our Weapons at Sea

And We Washed Our Weapons at Sea was Frodus’ posthumous swan song and by far their greatest musical accomplishment. While leaving some of their chaotic counterparts behind them, they produced a beautiful post-hardcore album, with killer melodies and great bass line after great bass line.

1. Jawbox – For Your Own Special Sweetheart

Jawbox’s major label debut didn’t change their post-hardcore fury. For Your Own Special Sweetheart established Jawbox as an underground favorite and made them DC legends.


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  1. I've been trying to get my hands on that Frodus album, but its not easy to find (at a reasonable price)


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