I Am Empire – Kings

After 2 weeks of hearing I Am Empire’s first single, Brain Damage, on the radio I was looking forward to hearing Tooth and Nail’s latest signings debut, Kings.

If I had to peg a genre on I Am Empire I’d have to just throw them into the radio rock category but I guess radio rock varies on where you live. Kings is a mixed bag of sorts and a tale of two halves.

The album kicks off with Brain Damage, an excellent high energy rock song. A great anthem and a killer track to start off the album. I don’t want to say its all downhill after that but Brain Damage is the best track on the album.

Heart Attack and Saints & Sinner are both high energy, driving rock songs. While Hammers and Anvils has a slight drop in energy, it still has the same catchy nature as the first 3 songs. Love & Despair is the first ballad of the record and a good one. The first 5 songs have a catchy, memorable quality about them. Each is interesting and slightly different enough to capture the listener’s attention.

But the second half of the album is a letdown. Where the first half of the album is catchy and interesting, the last 7 songs blend together and run one into the next with no real form or definition. I start feeling like I’ve heard the song I’m listening to already. The only exception is Foxhole, which has a catchy hook that grabs your attention.

While Kings isn’t the greatest album you’ll hear this year, there are a bunch of songs that are really good and grab your attention. I Am Empire is a band with potential and for a debut on Tooth and Nail, Kings isn’t half bad.


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