The Get Up Kids – There Are Rules

Nothing makes me more nostalgic then music. A band, album, or song can always bring me back to a certain time in life. All these bands from my junior high and high school days reuniting really brings back the nostalgia of my youth.

So when I picked up the newest album from the Get Up Kids, I won’t lie, I was hoping to hear Something to Write Home About part 2. Sadly, There Are Rules is not the album I thought it would be.

Right from the start There Are Rules is different from anything The Get Up Kids have ever released. Tithe is probably the closest you’re going to hear to a “classic” Get Up Kids song but it has so much more energy and intensity that it doesn’t resemble the band we all remember. Regent’s Court is an indie dance track that’s done really well.

And that’s when the album gets weird. Not bad, just completely different from what I ever expected to hear. While Shatter Your Lungs is a low key, minimal electronic track, Automatic is a full on modern electro/indie song. By the time Pararelevant kicks in you begin to realize The Get Up Kids are pulling from completely different influences.

The synth and dance focus is used to create great upbeat songs as well as nice dark undertones. While the back end of the album seems to have a bunch of filler tracks (Keith Case, The Widow Paris) the Get Up Kids have made a mostly successful transformation from emo to new wave. The last track, Rememorable, is probably my favorite on the album.

There Are Rules isn’t the album I was expecting from the Get Up Kids. Instead it’s a band reinventing themselves and doing a pretty good job at it. While it’s a little disappointing for me and anyone else hoping to hear Some To Write Home About again, it is something fresh from the Get Up Kids and it’s done (mostly) well.


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    Thanks, no problem. I´ll try to translate the lyrics from hear to write. I ask to you because my native language is spanish and I have some problems with english, most when I try to understand from hear.



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