Cold War Kids – Mine is Yours

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the Cold War Kids. Well… I guess I should say love/don’t get relationship.

The latest from the Cold War Kids, Mine is Yours, is the same old grab bag that I’ve come to expect from the band. While musically Mine is Yours is consistent and the band has done a good job of song selection, I don’t find the quality of each song to be on par. While the band has always written and released great songs (Hang Me Out to Dry, Hospital Beds, Audience), I’ve never felt like they’ve put out an album that was start to finish, a complete, good album.

And Mine is Yours is the same. The songs that are great are great songs that reach out and grab your attention. While the rest of the album isn’t bad, there is a noticeable drop in quality.

Finally Begin is the first moment of the record that’s really an attention grabber. It has a Maroon 5 kind of vibe, really upbeat and the hook is as catchy as any song you’ll hear all hear. The next moment is Skip the Charade which has that same good times, upbeat tone that Finally Begin had (although less Maroon 5). Broken Open sounds like a track from Cold War Kids debut full-length. The last track of real note is the album’s closer, Flying Upside Down.

Outside of that the album really doesn’t do much for me. And I guess I’d say I’m not a Cold War Kids fan… The album is still an enjoyable listen and I’ve given it a dozen spins in the last week. But other then the 4 songs I mentioned, nothing stands out as awesome. A nice listen for sure but not the record of the year.


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