Wolves at the Gate – We Are the Ones

There’s been a lot of hype for Wolves at the Gate over the last 2 months and so I decided to check out their new ep, We Are the Ones. And I’m not sure I buy the hype.

My first thought is a general statement on music altogether. I’m a little tired of intro tracks in metal genres. It’s not offensive and most of them are fine pieces of music. But almost always the intro track adds nothing to the album and isn’t relevant to anything that happens after.

We Are the Ones starts off with such an instrumental intro (also the title track) that is just a drone and a voiceover. It’s fine but again, doesn’t do enough to make it a viable start to the album.

The rest of We Are the Ones is your average modern post hardcore record (think To Speak of Wolves). It’s never super heavy or technical and it’s never super catchy or memorable. Heralds is the best song on the album. It’s the most poppy and accessible track on the record, which makes it the most memorable song. The album closer, Oh the Depths is a solid song that reminds me a lot of Underoath’s latest album.

We Are the Ones isn’t the most original album you’ll hear all year but it’s a solid released with some nice songs. Wolves at the Gate deserves to be signed and people should check this ep out.


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