Radiohead – King of Limbs

Based off my twitter feed I knew that Radiohead’s new album was brilliant…. Or terribly boring. And after giving the record several spins I have to lean towards boring. In Rainbows was so good and left such a huge impression that King of Limbs couldn’t really live up to being that good.

Coming off two solid alternative albums, Radiohead has gone back to their more electronic sound on King of Limbs. The songs are bad and the album is really warm. But there’s a repetitive nature to the songs that starts to drone on.

The perfect example is the album’s opening track, Bloom. The track is only just over minutes long but feels like it goes on for eight or ten. I found myself looking at iTunes more then once listen through the album to see what track I was on, only to discover it was still track one.

Morning Mr. Magpie and Little by Little are my favorite two tracks. Both have interesting little guitar riffs and have enough movement and change for me. But overall, all the tracks are too similar to each other and if you’re not deconstructing and breaking down each track, giving a real critical listen, you’ll get bored.

King of Limbs isn’t a bad record; it’s just not that interesting a listen. Music nerds and Radiohead fans will find something to love but after several listens, it still doesn’t grab my attention.


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  1. Hey, the lyrics of rebel soul sound system are in The Dingees myspace profile. In the past, I ask you for “Port Royal Sound”, “Mercy Triumphs over Judgement” & “Smoke Signals” because these songs was new in full album. The other songs of the album was in my space profile and had lyrics.
    “Port Royal Sound” is the first song that talks about love to a woman. The other song that talks about love is “You in my heart” from Sundown to midnight album. But no say that this love is to a woman.

    ¿What you think?


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