Eisley – The Valley

The Valley is Eisley’s first record in 4 years. It’s their first on Equal Vision Records. And it’s awesome.

Eisley has matured musically without losing their charm. THe innocence from Room Noises is gone. Replaced a band that can still write beautiful pop songs that have bite. The Valley has a bunch of tracks the remind me of Sixpence None the Richer (The Valley, Oxygen Mask, Kind) but the real standout tracks are the real biting songs, the tracks with fight.

Smarter is a song that tells of story of bitterness and anger and it really strikes a chord within me. Sad doesn’t have the same punch musically that Smarter does but the lyrics dig deep.

“You’ll be left alone and broken, bleeding from the heart when he doesn’t come home.”

Better Love is a song about breaking free that has killer energy and is the catchiest hook on the album.

The Valley is an album about being broken heart and the need for healing. It’s a beautiful album and by far Eaisley’s best yet. There’s pain that really comes through on every song keeping the listener engaged. There’s no filler here. Just 11 of the best songs you might hear all year.


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