Aaron GIllespie – Anthem Song

I have to be honest; I’m not 100% ok with doing a “review” of Aaron Gillespie’s new solo record. As a Christian I don’t want to be critical of someone else’s worship. And even though it is an album being sold for public consumption and I do review and am critical of what I’m sure other artist consider their form of worship, Aaron seems so genuine in what he’s doing with this record that it’s hard for me to tear it apart.

While Anthem Song is not as edgy as his work with the Almost, the musical similarities are there for me (and that could just be because it’s Aaron singing). The songs are good. And while the music itself isn’t the focus on this album it is what’s going to catch your attention. It’s not as creative musically as recent worship album from Phil Wickham, The Glorious Unseen, and Ascend the Hill. The music is what I might say is pretty standard rock worship.

All that to say I do enjoy the record. For Christians who have no interest in picking up new David Crowder or Hillsong albums, Anthem Song is a nice change of pace from an artist you’ve listened to in some form before. The album’s first single, We Were Made for You, is by far the best song on the album and would instantly rank in my top 10 favorite worship songs.

If you’re looking for a worship record, this is a good one to pick up. If you’re a big Aaron Gillespie fan, again, you’ll love this. For the casual music observer,it’s a good record.


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