Classic Album: Stavesacre – Speakeasy

I remember going to my local Christian record store and getting to listen to Stavesacre’s Speakeasy the Saturday before the albums Tuesday release. And I enjoyed the first 3-4 songs as I quickly gave the record a run through. I didn’t own Speakeasy until a month later at Christmas when my parents got it for me.

I wouldn’t have put these words to it at the time but 11 years later I think I can confidently say Speakeasy is the greatest Christian rock record of all time. It holds up perfectly. Speakeasy is always in the dash of my car and gets a spin at least once every month.

The opening track kicks in hard as Minutemen blasts through the intro and intro Mark Salomon’s crooning vocals. The first wow moment on the record is when the riff of Keep Waiting hits your speakers. Keep Waiting is that perfect combo of upbeat hard hitting rock that Stavesacre brings and beauty. Rivers Underneath strikes on all the right notes and Gold and Silver has probably been voted as the greatest song Stavesacre has ever written. I still don’t understand why the band split St Eriksplan into two tracks but the song is amazing. Their cover version of the Cure’s Fascination Street drew criticism but I think their cover is better then the original.

Speakeasy runs just under 55 minutes and is awesome top to bottom. Each song unique but the album as a whole makes sense together ands plays perfectly. It’s never waned since I got and to this day remains a favorite. If you’ve never given Stavesacre, and specifically Speakeasy, a spin, you’re missing out on one of the greatest records I’ve ever heard.



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7 responses to “Classic Album: Stavesacre – Speakeasy

  1. Greatest christian rock record huh? Wow, now you really got me thinking…..and the more I think about it, the harder time I have coming up with a non stavesacre album. HM has this album #8 all time, but I would put it in front of all 7 in front of it. This is by no means MY favorite christian rock record all time (yet), but everything I like ahead of this will most likely get slowely past by this over time. Stavesacre is one of those rare bands in a time of copycats and “christian alternatives” that actually wrote unique and original music. That's why for me, as my taste in music evolves and changes, they keep slowly creeping up my all time list while the other all slowly slide down.
    In other words; I guess I agree.


  2. HM has a good list and I like their list. P.O.D.'s Satellite is probably a solid choice at the top but unlike Speakeasy, at times Satellite has gotten old (I still don't like listening to Youth of the Nation).

    I also wouldn't put U2 at the top of my list. I love the Joshua Tree but Bono's back and forth on his faith and U2 never really being a “christian” band makes me not have them on the list.

    Outside of those two, Speakeasy is better then the other albums on HM's list.

    I guess I should say in my opinion, Speakeasy is the greatest Christian rock album.


  3. I think the only reason satellite is #2 on the list is because of its commercial success, and what it did for the christian genre. I believe both were part of the criteria they used when they made the list. In terms of great rock records from solely a music and creativity standpoint I would put stavesacre in front of it. Stavesacre is going to hold up much better over time. I've been doing some thinking and I think Mewithoutyou “Catch For Us the Foxes” would definitely be up in my top 5 if not 1 or 2. P.O.D wouldn't make my top 10.


  4. Well Satellite's commercial success was huge, I think Fundamental Elements of Southtown had a much bigger impact as far as Christian bands in the mainstream. Rock the Party being the first rock video to ever go number 1 on TRL. That's huge. Southtown would make my top 10. That record holds up.


  5. mewithoutYou might might my top 10… Although it would probably be for brother sister. Now you have me thinking about what would be on my top 10.


  6. Speakeasy isn't just my favorite Christian record, it's my favorite record of all time. Period.

    That record changed a lot in me musically and spiritually as well and I still listen to it constantly.


  7. i just listed this as one of the top 7 t&n releases of all time on my blog. great record…easily their best album. i loved seeing them live during this era…they sounded huge. i still get a little emotional every time i hear “gold and silver”…


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