Classic Album: Six Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled

When talk of old school Christian hardcore is brought up a few bands will always be mentioned; Focused, Unashamed, No Innocent Victim, Overcome, Strongarm, and Zao. One name you won’t often here in that discussion is REX Records band Six Feet Deep, and it’s a shame.

The only reason I think this happens is because Six Feet Deep wasn’t part of the old school Tooth and Nail/Solid State line-up which is credited for being the pioneers of the scene, and they were. But Six Feet Deep was there from the start.

The Road Less Traveled was Six Feet Deep’s second and final full-length. For a record that came out in 96, the production is top notch. The Road Less Traveled isn’t as passionate a record as some of the band’s peers (Focused, Unashamed) but it’s a more intense album.

Right out of the box, Congruent smacks you in the face and gets your head banging. Purify has some killer guitar dynamics to kick the track off (which reminds me of P.O.D.’s guitar work on Brown). Narrow still ranks as the second best instrumental track in hardcore (Zao’s Violet will always be number 1). Broken Tree is a break on the record. It steps away from the hardcore assault and showcases a different side of Six Feet Deep and vocalist Myk Porter (Broken Tree could be called the first Brandtson song). It’s a beautiful song and a great worship song at the end of the album.

The Road Less Traveled has been a favorite hardcore record of mine for years and I’ve never understood why Six Feet Deep never got the credit for being one of the early Christian hardcore pioneers. The Road Less Traveled is a great record and if you’re a fan of old school hardcore and haven’t heard this record, you should.



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3 responses to “Classic Album: Six Feet Deep – The Road Less Traveled

  1. Jason M

    The Road Less Traveled was pretty good, but I always preferred Struggle for some reason – perhaps because it sounded more upbeat and combative. The first half of the album was especially engaging. But in any case, I agree: very overlooked and underrated.


  2. To be honest I never really listened to Struggle. I only just picked up a digital copy of the album a couple years back. I need to give Struggle some more listens.


  3. Great record…great bunch of guys. Thanks for reminding me of this…I'm going to listen to it today.


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