Emery – We Do What We Want

I don’t think I’ve ever stated it here but I’d rank Emery in the top 10 bands Tooth and Nail has signed since 2000. I know they get thrown into the emocore/screamo ranks but I’m Only a Man was a seriously killer record (even though it’s fans least favorite). Emery is a band I’ve always loved.

Emery’s new record, We Do What We Want, was promised to be the heaviest Emery record yet. So heavy that Emery was involved in “the greatest marketing ploy ever” and were “signed” to Solid State records. While it is by far the heaviest Emery record to date it it also unmistakably Emery.

The record starts off with a bang. The Cheval Glass and Scissors are pretty incredible in terms of how heavy they are. The double kick on Scissors combined with Toby’s vocal play between bloodcurdling screams and his fantastic vocal melodies make for a killer song. But then the songs turn and have a more traditional Emery feel. Anchors, while heavier at times, is still that classic Emery emocore with great vocal melodies. I’m Not Here For Rage, I’m Here For Revenge is the perfect mix of being super heavy with what might be the most melodic Emery riff ever. Daddy’s Little Peach and I’m Addicted to Bad Decisions are updated versions of the sound from I’m Only a Man.

The best moment on the record comes on the second to last track, I Never Got to See the West Coast. Where the rest of the album is Emery’s heavy side, I Never Got to See the West Coast is Emery’s most chill moment for sure. It’s a beautiful haunting song and it’s by far the best song Emery has ever released. Just an instant classic.

Without Devin you are missing the great harmonies Emery is best known for and the vocal play is far less then previous Emery records. But Toby does a great job handling the singing duties, providing his own harmonies when they’re needed, and he does a great job. The mix of screaming vocals (handled by all the band members) and Toby’s clean vocals are great, as on all Emery records. If you’re giving a listen and not looking for it, you won’t notice Devin’s absence.

We Do What We Want is incredible.One of the best records I’ve heard this year. If you’re a metal head thinking about picking this record up because of it’s Solid State affiliation… I don’t think it will make you a fan. The harder elements are there but this record is all Emery.


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