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Thursday – No Devolucion

I’ve always thought that Thursday was a fairly consistent band. 2009’s Common Existence was a great return for Thursday and I thought it captured the intensity of Full Collapse. So I was looking forward to new music from the band. I hadn’t listened to any of the tracks released or read anything about the record before giving No Devolucion a spin.

No Devolucion is all Thursday and yet not at all what expected. Well I would still call it a post hardcore record; it’s a departure from the sound Thursday fans have become accustomed to hearing.

I don’t want to make the cheap Deftones comparison which comes up anytime a heavy band adds an atmospheric element to their sound. But the Deftones are the band that came to mind my first spin through No Devolucion. The album doesn’t sound like the Deftones in any fashion but the general ambience is similar to that of Saturday Night Wrist.

Fast to End kicks things off in standard Thursday fashion. A nice guitar riff over blazing drums before Geoff Rickly’s vocals come swooping in, drenched in reverb (an effect used through the entire album). The song is clearly Thursday but even in their normal post hardcore outings (and there are a handful on this record) you can tell that the band has grown and expanded their sound in new ways.

No Answers changes things up instantly, as a synth pad intro leads the song into a more subdued, lighter side of Thursday. A Darker Forest continues Thursday’s new low key approach.

Open Quotes, Millimeter, and Turnpike Divides will please Thursday fans that aren’t happy with the quieter, ambient songs but even when Thursday is rocking out, the songs aren’t quite blazing with post hardcore glory. Sparks Against the Sun and A Gun in the First Act provide a new wave element that’s pretty cool. While songs like Empty Glass and Stay True are more focused on lyrical content and less on big bombastic sounds.

Thursday has provided another great record and I loved it after one listen. Four spins later I still enjoy the record and overtime, with repeated listens, I imagine No Devolucion will become one of my favorite records of the year. But it is different and enough of a departure from what Thursday has always been to make me a little hesitant to proclaim this as an album of the year candidate. Solid release, just not standard Thursday.


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