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Classic Album: Bloodshed – The Soft Spoken Words of Fallbrook/Bloodshed EP


I’m giving you guys two eps this week. 8 songs. The entire Bloodshed discography. Both eps were released in the summer of 96 but each one has a different vibe.

The band’s self-titled debut is 5 songs of melodic hardcore. Not quite on par with bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace, but similar in post-hardcore/emocore feel. Less punk and more hardcore then the early DC emocore scene but the ep is along those lines. The Scarlet Letter is fantastic kick off song and a great instant introduction to Bloodshed. Outside is a great hardcore song. A very chunky riff with some metal guitar squeals.

The Soft Spoken Words of Fallbrook plays more on the emo side of Bloodshed’s sounds. 3 songs of early emocore. Words for the First Time has more of the screaming vocals but the music is less hardcore, more structured song writing almost. Sweets for a Child is a straight up emo. All hardcore elements have vanished. Signs of Earth could directly be the source of inspiration for Hopesfall’s debut album. Great clean guitar work that interchanges with the drums and hardcore elements to create, at the time, an unique blending of styles.

Both of theses eps are great and a nice time piece into the early days of Tooth and Nail and early emocore in general.


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