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Classic Album: Blindside – A Thought Crushed My Mind

A Thought Crushed My Mind is Blindside’s best album. Ask…. Well anyone really. A chaotic post hardcore hybrid similar to fellow Refused and Selfmindead. A sound developed and perfected by the Swedish hardcore bands in the mid 90’s.

A Thought Crushed My Mind was a huge step forward to Blindside’s self-titled debut. The chaos was still there but amped to a new level. ATCMM had a new level of beauty as well. The melodies don’t shine through as they do on later Blindside records and part of that is due to production of the record.

Vow of Silence kicks the album off with a bang. Instantly, the album was more intense then Blindside’s debut. King of the Closet was the perfect lead single for the album. Christian screaming I’m a Vampire for the chorus was so catchy and easily memorable without being super poppy. My Mother’s Only Son isn’t your traditional melodic song but the melodies on the chorus are so nicely done and make this one of my favorite tracks on the record. Nara is a beautiful track done in the band’s native Swedish language.

Listening to this album now you can hear hoe Blindside got from A Thought Crushed My Mind to Silence. There are those nice melodic moments in the songs and the band’s transition doesn’t seem so far fetched now. Yes, Blindside is no longer the chaotic post hardcore outfit they once were they are still one best original bands making music.


3 comments on “Classic Album: Blindside – A Thought Crushed My Mind

  1. jayhawkfan3602
    May 2, 2011

    My favorite Blindside album by far. So good! They join the chaotic and dissonant with the melodic perfectly.


  2. bloggingblacklines
    May 6, 2011

    I hopped aboard the Blindside train a bit late when Silence came out. In my younger years I didn't understand hardcore, therefore didnt understand early Blindside. I do own all their albums now, and Silence is still my favorite. When I listen to this album though, it definitely sticks out amongst the rest of 90's christian hardcore. They had a good thing goin on this one.


  3. Patton
    May 6, 2011

    I caught Blindside on the Warriors tour just before this album was released so I jumped all over it when it came out.


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