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Classic Album: The Dingees – Armageddon Massive

Certain albums speak to places in my life more then others. The Dingees’ Armageddon Massive could be a time capsule for the 1997 version of me. The perfect blend of punk and ska. The soundtrack for a kid just learning to skateboard, skank, and mosh.

Ghetto Box Smash is punk perfection. Fun, upbeat, super catchy. Chaos/Control is punk with a ska swing. Another great tune to dance too. And then Bullet Proof comes swinging in, horns blaring. One of my favorite ska songs to date. Could Be Worse has a great west coast hip-hop feel, but its all ska. It’s dark and just enough of a change of pace to keep the record interesting. Rebel Youth is a great sing-a-long song.

Armageddon Massive might be a little all over the board musically but it’s a perfect picture of the mid-90’s punk and ska scene. It’s my favorite Dingees record. It has their most memorable songs and in my opinion their strongest record, start to finish. The songs are catchy, upbeat, danceable, and all around just fun. A great record for the summer.


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