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Blindside – With Shivering Hearts We Wait

It’s been 6 years since Blindside’s last full-length, The Great Depression, and 4 years since the band’s last ep, The Black Rose. Fans have been waiting years for word on what Blindside was up to. Well this year, the much anticipated new album, With Shivering Hearts We Wait was unleashed on fans.

Pre-orders of the album came with an early download and I’m glad I pre-ordered this record. Waiting another month for an official release was going to be too long.

With Shivering Hearts We Wait was my second most anticipated new album of 2011 and it doesn’t disappoint. Fans of the band since Silence should be excited about this record. While almost all post-hardcore elements have vanished from the bands sound (minus a few screams here and there), the album is Blindside through and through.

The opening guitar riff on There Must Be Something In the Water is similar to the guitar work on the Great Depression but the quality of the recording is so much better. My Heart Escapes is really the framework in which WSHWW plays. Blindside playing rock music. Just like Silence and About a Burning Fire, great vocals on a down verse into a high energy chorus. Fans weren’t thrilled with the premiere of Monster on the Radio but in the context of the album the song works wonderfully. While lyrically it might be a tad on the cheesy side, the band is clearly singing about past major label experience and there’s nothing wrong with the song.

It’s All I Have is a sort new of sound for Blindside. A big bombastic rock and roll song but Christian’s vocals never let the band stray far from who they are. Our Love Saves Us is my favorite track on the record. A little more dancey and electronic then we’re used to hearing from Blindside but the song is freaking amazing. For those hoping for a heavy song, you are in luck. Bring Out Your Dead is a full throttle, full throat; scream your lungs out song. Withering isn’t a ballad but it might be the “ballad” of the album. It’s got a beautiful chorus.

With Shivering Hearts We Wait is amazing and Blindside fans shouldn’t be disappointed. Yes, their sound has moved farther away from their hardcore roots, but Blindside might be an even better rock band then they were hardcore band. This is another most own record.


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