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Swimming with Dolphins – Water Colours

When I first read that Tooth and Nail had signed Swimming with Dolphins, my only thought was that T&N was trying to capitalize off of the popularity of Owl City. Finding out that Adam Young was once in Swimming with Dolphins only confirmed my belief. Now I enjoy Owl City and I like the Postal Service. It’s not like I don’t like electronic pop music. But my expectations for Water Colours were low. And when I heard the album’s first single, Sleep to Dream, they remained low.

Water Colours is better then I had expected… At least to start the record. Holiday is a great opening track. Super upbeat and catchy with a great hook. Just a really infectious song. Easy has a nice synth line but there’s not a lot to song that grabs you and makes you want to listen. Sleep to Dream has grown on me a little but its super 80’s lead synth intro just doesn’t make sense to me. Diplomat is upbeat and makes me think of sunshine and skipping through the park but in the end, the hook just isn’t catchy enough.

The rest of Water Colours is pretty forgettable. And that’s the problem with Swimming with Dolphins, they’re forgettable. Minus Holiday, there are no great hooks on this album. A couple of decent melodies but the songs are empty and just don’t have that charm or poppiness needed to make Water Colours a good record.


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