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Face to Face – Laugh Now, Laugh Later

Punk isn’t a genre of music that’s bee popular of productive lately. The same bands continue to make record and play Warp Tour. One time punk giants like Green Day and Blink 182 have abandoned their punk sound altogether. It’s hard to think that there was a time when pop punk bands like New Found Glory, MxPx, and Good Charlotte dominated radio airplay. Punk gave way to emo and for the last ten years rock music has tried to find some footing and gain ground in a music scene that’s constantly changing.

But change isn’t always good and the punk bands that have lasted have made sure to keep it simple, and keep it good.

So Face to Face is back after 9 years with Laugh Now, Laugh Later and the band picked up right where they left off. You could insert Laugh Now, Laugh Later anywhere in Face to Face’s discography and it would fit perfectly.

Top to bottom, Laugh Now, Laugh Later is a fun record. A great punk record from a great punk band. Face to Face knocked it out of the park on their return.


One comment on “Face to Face – Laugh Now, Laugh Later

  1. Anonymous
    May 20, 2011

    Are you headed to KROQ’s Weenie Roast? Want to help promote Face to Face and score free merch? Email to sign up and have the chance to win a free pair of tickets to an upcoming Face to Face show!


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