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Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys

I’m going to make a statement and I know people will disagree with me but that’s ok. I’m going to say it anyway.

Death Cab for Cutie can do no wrong.

I know there are people who didn’t like Plans and you can argue that the band’s debut, Something About Airplanes is a rough shell of what the band would become. But Death Cab for Cutie has always written incredible indie pop songs that I’ve loved. And while musically Codes and Keys is different, the band still cranks out great songs.

Home is a Fire is a nice start to the album. It sets a different tone out of the gate. While Death Cab is known for having a nice, slow, low key track to kick off their albums, Home is a Fire has a different feel, like at any moment it could break open into something big and dancey, but it never gets there. The title track is a pretty, piano pop song.

As a whole, Codes and Keys is more laid back, just chill. The switch from guitar based songs to keys and pianos is nice. It fits. The album’s first single, You Are a Tourist is super catchy and infectious. The album as a whole is full of great songs.

My only issue is the album plays short. It’s such a good listen that even at 45 minutes long, when the album ends, I want more.

Death Cab For Cutie makes great music and releases great albums and this is another one.


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