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Classic Album: Further Seems Forever – The Moon is Down

The Moon is Down… There are records that when you hear them they’re perfect and no matter how much times passes or how many listens through or how much your taste is music changes, the record remains perfect. The Moon is Down is perfect.

Chris Carrabba gets praised for his Dashboard Confessional work but The Moon is Down is really where he shined lyrically and emotionally. Each song hitting your ears perfectly. From the complex drum work of Steve Kleisath to the interplay between Josh Colbert and Nick Dominguez’s guitar, there’s nothing wrong with The Moon is Down.

The title track kicks off the album with an anthemic like quality. The Bradley is biting, but beautiful. Chris’ scream at the end of the song while he’s singing his guts out… Just great. Snowbirds and Townies is a great song of lost love and Monachetti is another bitingly beautiful track. The one thing Dashboard Confessional always lacked Chris full throated screams. Madison Prep is one of those underrated songs. Enjoyed, just overlooked, and not talked about.

New Year’s Project is the best track on The Moon is Down and it’s the song that caught my attention and got me into Further Seems Forever. It’s heartbreaking. The first time I heard Chris cry “I’m waiting to give you whatever the world may bring. I’d give you my life because I don’t own anything” I lost it. The hook is so memorable and so desperate sounding… It still chokes me up.

Just Until Sundown is beautiful and Pictures of Shorelines might be the only pure rock track on the record. Wearing Thin is a beautiful song about redemption.

The Moon is Down was great when it first came out and listening to it always makes me wish Chris had never left band. But it makes me glad they’re currently touring and hopeful for the follow-up album we never got.

2 comments on “Classic Album: Further Seems Forever – The Moon is Down

  1. bloggingblacklines
    June 14, 2011

    Hide Nothing seems to be the most disliked FSF album, but its the only one I ever got into. I saw it a few years back at a christian bookstore for $1 so I figured I'd check it out.
    I really liked it! so I checked out their other albums and just couldn't get into them. I think its because the vox on that album sang in a little less emo-way than the other albums.

    I think FSF was a true “Emo” band and not the typical bandwagon garbage that hops on a hot trend. That being said FSF was a little too Emo for my taste.


  2. Patton
    June 14, 2011

    I love Hide Nothing. But I was a big Sense Field fan so Jon Bunch on vocals was awesome for me.

    I understand them being too emo. But my senior year of high school was full of emo so I have a soft spot for it.


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