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Classic Album: No Innocent Victim – Flesh and Blood

11 years ago Christian hardcore fans were given an anthem. While N.I.V. had provided great hardcore tracks with strong messages and great sing-a-longs like Stand and Pro-Kill track three on Flesh and Blood would provide an anthem that is still sung today and t-shirts and hoodies are worn proudly.

My Beliefs might be the biggest song in Christian hardcore to date. I imagine if you go to any Christian hardcore show in America you’ll find someone in the crowd wearing their N.I.V. shirt with the words “I would tonight for my beliefs” on the back. I know I have mine.

I don’t know if N.I.V. intended My Beliefs to become the anthem it did. The song is actually pretty biting.

“Some say that we should not be part of the hardcore scene
Whether you think what we say is right or wrong
This is where we belong
Never giving into pressure from the outside
Staying true to our convictions
Having been tested and tried
Hardcore family of equality?
No on viewed higher or less?
“doesn’t matter who you are”
Unless it’s Christ that I profess
I know you have stereotypes
Carved into your brain
Push them aside though we have differences
We have so much the same
I thought hardcore was about
Standing up for what you believe in
I thought hardcore was about
Standing up for what you believe in
’cause I would die tonight for my beliefs”

Regardless, I know I get pumped up when I hear this song and I know countless others do too.

Flesh and Blood was N.I.V.’s Victory Records debut and it delivered. Maybe nothing special or new in the musical department. Hardcore is hardcore no matter how you look at it. But N.I.V. were the leaders of the pack and Flesh and Blood was a big step up from No Compromise. A great hardcore record, featuring killer songs and providing an anthem for Christian hardcore fans everywhere.


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