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Relient K – K is for Karaoke EP

What makes a good cover? Is it staying true the original? Is it completely transforming a song and making it your own? Is it just having fun with it?

Cover songs can be tricky, cover records can be downright brutal. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Some bands you know are going to kill a cover song (in a good way) and some bands you know are probably going to murder a beloved classic.

So when Relient K announced that they were doing a covers ep, I knew that they would probably do a great job with this. Their track selection was a good mix of songs and my hopes were high. And Relient K does deliver a solid ep.

Relient K kicks the album off with Girls Just Want to Have Fun, a throwback to their early years when this song was a staple in their everyday set list. Then comes a cover of Tom Petty’s Here Comes My Girl and its solid. More of the type of song you’d expect the Relient K of the past couple of years to release. But not stay serious for too long the band then kicks into a cover a Justin Bieber’s Baby.

And here is my issue with Baby. The song is already simple and catchy. It has to catch the attention of 10-15 year old girls and make them sing it to no end. And if you don’t listen to the radio or don’t hang out with people blast this song all the time, you can avoid it. But Relient K just plays the song as is, and it’s still catchy and I have found myself singing Baby. Not cool Relient K. No cool.

We then get a fantastic cover of They Might Giants “Dr Worm”. The cover of Crazy is solid but it vocally it sounds like an imitation of Adam Levine (who covered the song on the Voice about 2 months ago). The best song on the album is the cover of Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” Relient K pulls it off so well that I’m kind of hoping for maybe more 80’s inspired song writing on their next album. Surf Wax America ends the album. Another good cover.

If you like Relient K, pick this ep up. If you like cover songs, pick this ep up. If you like fun music, pick it up.


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