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Classic Album: Pedro the Lion – It’s Hard to FInd a Friend

Before David Bazan was a solo artist chronicling his “break-up” with God and before (and even after) he was a controversial Christian artist, David Bazan was a champion to Christian indie rock kids everywhere with Pedro the Lion. While each Pedro the Lion album is great, It’s Hard To Find a Friend has always been my favorite. The bands first full-length album and first release on Jade Tree records.

Bazan has always been an amazing story teller with his lyrics and he shines on It’s Hard to Find a Friend. Of Up and Coming Monarchs tells the story of a draft dodger. Big Trucks is the conversation between a father and son and the importance of having patience. Bad Diary Days is about a cheating wife; When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run Away is about the pressures of fashion and looking good all the time.

But even outside the great story telling that Bazan delivers is the spiritual honesty in his lyrics (which made Curse Your Branches such a great album). The Longer I Lay Here is Bazan in need of God to help him get through life. Secret of the Easy Yoke is the song that got me really hooked on Pedro the Lion. This is the earliest moment of Bazan dissatisfaction with Christians on recorded music as he laments about not being able to find God in church and within the Church. It’s a killer song. Honest, heartfelt, beautiful. Promise is a fantastic closer and a great song about blind faith.

David Bazan has always made great albums and Pedro the Lion holds a special place in my heart.


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