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My Epic – Broken Voice

A song comes along every so often that just wins you over. I wasn’t a huge fan of My Epic but when I heard Lower Still off the bands second record Yet, I was sold. Yet was fantastic album and I was looking forward to hearing new music from My Epic. But when the band announced they would be releasing a new acoustic ep, I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it. What distinguished Yet from the band’s debut, I am Undone, was an intensity in the music.

Broken Voice on the long side for an ep, at 8 songs and nearly 33 minutes. Centuries is a nice instrumental intro the goes into Beloved. A simple song: just acoustic guitar, cello, and vocals. It’s beautiful, a little underwhelming but beautiful none the less.

And then Alone kicks in. Alone hit me the same way Lower Still did. The hand claps start and then acoustic guitar and vocals come in. When the chorus hits and the drums come in, I stopped what I was doing to truly pay attention to the song. Lyrically Alone is a 3 sided song. The first verse deals with the idea of being wrong about God or God not being there anymore. We’d be alone without the Father. Verse 2 is about Jesus and how he always with the Father and God never left him and Jesus, with all that he went through, was never alone. Verse 3 talks about the death of Christ and how in that moment, when Jesus took on our sins, Christ was completely alone. It’s such a beautiful haunting song and the lyrics “You didn’t die for sin, you died covered in them” hit me super hard. Alone is one of my favorite tracks of the year and it makes Broken Voice worth buying.

The whole ep is really beautiful. Lazarus reminds me a lot of Page France (RIP). A nice laid back, shuffle groove, with a touch of country. I love ending the ep with the Doxology. It’s like the perfect ending. Broken Voice is a fantastic ep and My Epic continues to get better and impress.


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