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Sleeping Giant – Kingdom Days In An Evil Age

Sleeping Giant has been a band I’ve always slept on. I love Sleeping Giant but I’ve always slept on them. I didn’t hear the band until they performed at Facedown Fest East Coast. I picked up their debut record and loved it but when Sons of Thunder came out, I ignored it. When I did eventually pick up Sons of Thunder, I loved it and regretted not getting the album sooner. So I knew when Kingdom Days In An Evil Age came out, I wasn’t going to wait around to listen to it.

Kingdom Days is great. It’s one of those albums that is so good and there aren’t really words to describe why. Sleeping Giant are just one of those bands that creates quality, meaningful hardcore and each record is amazing. Just a solid band.

Throne Room Militance is a solid intro, a little short but it jumps right into the machine gun drums blasts of Dead Men Walking. Frankie Palmeri from Emmure lends his vocal talents to Eyes Wide Open, which seems like an odd choice for a guest vocalist on a Sleeping Giant track and even stranger considering the song is about praying for those around you but his vocals fit into the song perfectly.

There seems to be two sides of Kingdom Days. The first half of the album is a call for change and social justice. The songs are about taking stock of your world and your beliefs. It’s a call for God to move you to action. But the second half of the album is almost a worship record.

Tithemi declares “All fear, all pain, all hurt, all grief, all lies, must bow to Jesus name.” Tongues of Fire talks about speaking destiny and life. The Unnamable Name is a song about those who have given their life for Christ. Morning Star is another full on worship song, asking for Jesus to come. Enthroned ends Kingdom Days in a similar fashion that all sleeping giant records end, with a softer worship song (Oh Praise Him, He Will Reign).

From start to finish Kingdom Days In An Evil Age is an incredible record. Another great outing by Sleeping Giant. Just another reason why they’re one of the best bands in the current hardcore scene.


One comment on “Sleeping Giant – Kingdom Days In An Evil Age

  1. bloggingblacklines
    July 13, 2011

    Cant wait to hear this album. Not sure what it is about SG, but I love their music.

    “Behold the Pale Horse” on their debut is one of my favorite hardcore songs.


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