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Call to Preserve – Validation

You ever feel like as soon as you get into a band they break-up? It happened with Haste the Day, The Famine, He is Legend, Alove For Enemies, Wrench in the Works, and now Call to Preserve. Thankfully before Call to Preserve called it a day they headed into the studio to give us four more songs. And they gave us their best yet.

Call to Preserve stepped up their game on Life of Defiance and with Validation the band builds on that sound and improves upon what they started. Exploit, Neglect, Condemn comes storming out of the gate. Hard hitting, circle pit inducing with a melodic guitar riff and chain vocals on the chorus. The title track reminds me of Shai Hulud (which is a good thing). I love the guitar riffs on this track; Really melodic and driving. Closer is another circle pit track. A four count and right into the fast paced song. The whole album reminds me of the mid-90’s hardcore scene.

The problem is, it’s only four songs that clock in at 10 minutes long. By the time the record ends you feel like you just started. I found myself spinning this album over and over again just because I enjoyed it so much. Why do bands hate to release their best music right as they’re breaking up?


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