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Mat Kearney – Young Love

I loved There’s Nothing Left to Lose. The song. The song was great. The album and me didn’t really agree. After that I just ignored Mat Kearney. But there seemed to be a lot of talk about his new record Young Love. Enough talk that I picked it up. And I’m glad I did.

Young Love is far more enjoyable then I thought it would be. I was expecting a pop record and Young Love is a pop record but there is a deep hip-hop undertone to all the songs that helps keep things fun and upbeat.

Hey Mama, the first track and album’s lead single, didn’t grab me right away and even after several listens, it’s still not my favorite track on the record. It’s a fun, upbeat, minimal song, but just not my favorite. But then Ships In the Night kicks in and honestly, I was sold instantly.

To be honest, every track is some sort of variation on the first two. Minimal, upbeat, super catchy, hip-hop influenced, pop music. Even the songs that aren’t upbeat, are so catchy, you can’t help but enjoy them. Young, Dumb, and In Love is a great end of summer theme song. Rochester ends the record and it is a shift from the hip-hop influence as Kearney simplifies the song; just a guitar and his voice.

Young Love is quickly becoming one of my favorite records of 2011. If you hate quality, catchy pop music, you should probably avoid this album. But if you’re looking for a fun record with great songs that are easy to sing a long to, then Young Love perfect. Hats off to Mr Mearney.


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