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The Make – This Box

I always liked Number One Gun. Not my favorite band but there was always something nice about the band. So hearing that Jeff Schneeweis had started a new band, I was interested in what route he would take musically. Hearing Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers had signed The Make to his new label had me really interested.

This Box, the band’s debut ep, is pop perfection. Five catchy, great songs. The album kicks off with Get It, the lead single, is an up tempo, catchy as hell song. The guitar work gets into your brain and Jeff’s falsetto voice carries the chorus, which by the time it comes around a third time, you’re singing along. This Box and Colors bring things down a little bit. Each song just as catchy as the last. Spin City will take some Number One Gun fans by surprise, as the opening line is “Get the hell out of my party”. A line that I’ve already seen creating some buzz on the internet. Spin City is my personal favorite song on the record.

This Box is a perfect introduction to the Make, but I wish it were a full-length. The songs are so catchy and fun that five tracks is not enough. It’s a great pop record. Dare I say for fans of Maroon 5? This has quickly become one of my favorite albums of the year. Good pop music still exists and This Box is proof.


One comment on “The Make – This Box

  1. The Make
    August 10, 2011

    Thank you, much appreciated Bryan.


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