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Icon for Hire – Scripted

When I first heard Icon for Hire’s debut single, Make a Move, my thought was that Tooth and Nail had found a nice Paramore sound-a-like band. It was probably an unfair judgment.

Scripted is a little all over the map and while gimmicky at times, you can hear potential. The band is cross of every female fronted act you’ve heard over the last 5 years. There are moments of Paramore, Flyleaf, the Letter Black, and Evanescence in there.

Theater kicks the album off and I like the song. At various points in the song you might think you’re listening to Flyleaf and then Paramore. Nothing new but the song is super solid. Make a Move kicks in next and while I still hear a band that sounds like Paramore, I do like the song. The hook is super catchy and infectious and I love catchy tunes. Get Well is where Icon for Hire starts to lose me. The beefy krunk synth that intros the song and plays intermittently just doesn’t connect with me. (I also realize I’m probably a good 10 years older then the bands intended audience). The Grey is a nice building ballad. There are some auto-tuned vocals on the album, something I loathe more then anything else in music.

Scripted isn’t a terrible record and I did enjoy it more then I thought I would. But there’s nothing special there to me. Fans of catchy female-fronted hard rock will like this record. Is it a must-own? Probably not. Is it worth a listen? Why not. The only thing awful about Icon for Hire’s T&N debut is the auto-tune.


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