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Braille – Native Lungs

It’s no secret that since I’ve discovered Humble Beast Records I’ve been in love with the label. Christian hip-hop has always been hit or miss, so to find a label, where every release was great and free… It was love at first listen. Braille’s new full-length, Native Lung, is no exception.

The album kicks off with the title track, kicking in with a sick West Coast beat that reminds me of some of Dre’s best beats. The album’s lead single Feel It is a strong driving song. Native Lung is rhyme and beat driven, not hook driven. The songs are all solid head banging tracks. There’s nothing cheesy, no gimmicks, no autotune. Rhymes on Everything, The New Raw, Too Many Tomorrows are my favorites on the album.

The album is a solid progression from Weapon Aid. Braille takes all the good from previous efforts and builds and improves on them. If you like quality hip hop this isn’t an album to miss.


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