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The Ember Days – Emergency

The Ember Days have been a band that have fallen on my deaf ears. There previous efforts just didn’t make any impact on me. So downloading Emergency, I really didn’t have any expectations. But right from the start, this record was different, more intriguing. It’s not a break away from what is almost standard for the worship genre but the album hits on a deeper level for me.

Unite Your Bride hit me instantly. Not a traditional worship song in a lyrical sense, a calling for God to help put away with the bickering in the church. Make Us One hints at a subtle Slowdive influence. The instrumental section on All Honor is beautiful and pretty incredible. The tracks that feature Jason Belcher’s vocals are some of my favorite. I love the bands re-envisioning of How Great Thou Art. The title track is a great instrumental piece. High Above has musical elements on par with Sigur Ros with a melody that is real sweet and beautiful.

Emergency is a great record. And that fact that you can get music this good for free is awesome. The Ember Days have put out one heck of record. And I recommend people head on over to Come and Live and check this out.


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