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Switchfoot – Vice Verses

Switchfoot has always been a band that I’ve had a hard time really connecting with. The band writes great songs but I’ve never been able to dig into an entire record since The Legend of Chin. Vice Verses is much of the same. A lot of great songs but the album as a whole… I’m having a hard time connecting.

Afterlife is a strong opener and what I would consider a pretty standard Switchfoot rock song. But the overall sound on Vice Verses is more… Mature? Adult? Less rowdy? I don’t quite know how to describe it. The Original is a fantastic rock song but it doesn’t have the same kick that I’ve come to expect from Switchfoot. Think The Sound with less oomph. But like most Switchfoot records, my favorite moments are the low key ones. Restless and Thrive are beautiful songs and my favorites on the record.

Switchfoot is a solid band. They always have been and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Some minor shifts in sound but Vice Verses is another solid Switchfoot record. The band might not be winning any news fan with this album but long times of fans shouldn’t be disappointed.


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