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Hundredth – Let Go

Melodic hardcore is a genre that I think a lot of people have similar feelings towards that I do for metalcore. While I understand people’s thoughts that it’s a stale genre with no originality… I like the genre. Misery Signals and Your Memorial are two of my favorite current bands in the heavy music scene.

Hundredth is a band I probably would have ignored but they released a video for the album’s first single Remain & Sustain. And while the song was catchy, the fact that Hundredth had a Sandlot inspired music video was really all it took for me to download their album.

Let Go is a lot better then I expected it to be. The album starts with a 20 second intro that, as most intros on albums go, is useless and unnecessary. But outside of that, it’s just good, uplifting, positive hardcore. The clean vocals are used sparingly. There isn’t breakdown after breakdown. Nothing is super catchy or poppy but Remain & Sustain has a great gang vocal that gets in your head and We Can Take Them All ends on a strong note with a great declaration that gets stuck in your head.

Let Go is a great record and hardcore fans should love this album.


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