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Relient K – K is For Karaoke (Full-length)

Over the summer I reviewed Relient K’s cover ep K is For Karaoke, an album I really enjoyed. The band re-releasing the album as a full-length with more song excited me. Pop punk is a great style of music for cover songs and Relient K’s ep was excellent.

If you have the ep… You probably don’t need the full-length. The best songs on the album are the ones that were on the ep. Baby, Crazy, Doctor Worm, Surf Wax America, Here Comes My Girl, Everybody Wants to Rule the World… Those are the best tracks on the record.

The new tracks are nice. One Headlight is probably the best of the new songs. The Distance, Interstate Love Song, and Africa are all nice cover but they don’t grab you. Inside of Love is great and I enjoy You’re the Inspiration and Motorcycle Drive By but neither of those are tracks whose original I’m familiar with.

If you didn’t pick up the ep, I do recommend getting the full-length. Even though the best songs are the ones from the ep, K is For Karaoke is a solid record start to finish and is just a lot of fun. Put it on, sing-a-long, and enjoy.


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