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New Found Glory – Radiosurgery

I love New Found Glory! Catchy pop punk just works for me and unlike many other artists who have shifted their sound as they’ve gotten older, you pretty much know what you’re getting with New Found Glory. And I like that. The band’s seventh full-length, Radiosurgery, is more pop punk goodness. While I won’t be declaring this the best or my favorite NFG record (because Coming Home holds a special place in my heart) but it’s hard to argue that NFG is good at what they do.

The title track, and album’s first single, kick the record off. Fun song, not the greatest opening track but not bad. Drill It In My Brain, I’m No the One, Caught In the Act, and Memories and Battle Scars are my favorite tracks on the record but that’s not to say that the other songs suck. Every track is fun and that’s exactly what this record should be.

If you’re a New Found Glory fan you’re going to love this record. It’s fun pop punk. What more could one want?


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