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Holding Onto Hope – Holding Onto Hope

Holding Onto Hope’s Of the Sea was probably the first album on COme and Live that connected with me. Post-hardcore done well normally works for me. So seeing the band’s new self-titled record was finally available excited me.

The band’s self-titled album is pretty good and it’s hard to say anything negative about it. The album starts really strong with Old Voids, Hollow, and Low (best track on the album). The album doesn’t waste any time with an ill advised intro track, as Old Voids bust right into the guts of the album. A solid click in and then Holding Onto Hope rocks out. My only issue with Holding Onto Hope’s self-titled record is that it’s not very diverse song to song. The lack of variety takes what is a very solid record and makes it pretty forgettable about halfway through. Forsaken: Take 1 is a killer song with a great worshipful and catchy hook to end the track but that’s the only great song after Low.

Having said that, I still enjoy Holding Onto Hope’s new record and as a free download, I highly recommend people picking this one up and giving it a spin.


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