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Close Your Eyes – Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts

Close Your Eyes is a band that makes my heart happy. Hardcore/punk fusion done well. I love it. I discovered We Will Overcome way too late but boy was I glad when I did. Positive punk infused hardcore has always been a favorite of mine and Close Your Eyes might be doing it better then anyone else right now.

Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts not only picks up where We Will Overcome left off but is a sign of major improvement and maturity. The songs are stronger, the hooks more memorable, the subtly variety more explored.

Hope Slips, Erie, Injustice, Keep the Lights On are all tracks that are great hardcore songs similar to old school Stretch Arm Strong and Comeback Kid, while songs like Empty Hands, Valleys, and Paper Thin all explore either more punk sounds or a more melodic sound that keeps each track fresh.

Close Your Eyes really upped their game and have delivered a great record. Close Your Eyes is proving themselves to be one of the best bands in the hardcore scene. Great songs, positive lyrics, all around good vibes.


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