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Life in Your Way – Kingdoms

I didn’t listen to Life In Your Way until after their break-up. When I did finally pick up Waking Giants I kicked myself for not giving the record a spin sooner. So hearing that Life in Your Way had reunited and were releasing new music was great news.

Life in Your Way’s return Kingdoms is actually three eps (Kingdom of Man, Kingdom of Darkness, and Kingdom of God). Each ep deals with a theme but they play as a collective album. Musically, there isn’t anything super special here. LIYW plays a brand of metalcore that’s been done over and over again. LIYW does it well and Kingdoms is an enjoyable listen but musically there isn’t anything new or very exciting.

The best moment on the record is the opening track to the Kingdom of God, Induction, where Joshua Kellam declares that the Kingdom of God is for everyone regardless of ones past or present. It’s a great moment and it stands out on the album and grabs your attention.

Kingdoms is a solid record by a good band. You can download Kingdoms for free at


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