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Comrades – Collection 2010 -2011

I’ve heard about Comrades for a couple years but never got around to listening to the band (their former drummer is engaged to my ex-girlfriend’s sister so). I was excited to see that the band had signed with Blood and Ink Records and couldn’t wait to get my hands on some music. Comrades first B&I release is a collection of songs recorded over the last two years.

Somewhere between early Russian Circles and Gifts From Enola is where I’d place Comrades musically. A great young post rock act with tons of potential. There are great off beats and enough interesting rhythms to remind one of Don Cab. For people who aren’t big fans of all instrumental music, there are enough moments with vocals to keep you happy. The vocals aren’t sung or pretty, but more of a spoken word/yelled vocal. Answer Me This starts off with a simple riff and a questioning lyric before irrupting. Weights kicks off with a guitar vs bass call and response. Laura McElroy’s bass playing on the album is phenomenal.

Collection isn’t full of the most beautiful songs you’ve ever heard or the most interesting songs in the post rock genre but it’s a snap shot at one of the great young bands in the genre and show a band with tons of potential for greatness. Best songs: Giants, Hammerhand, Fearless She, and Encourage Encourage.


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