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O’Brother – Garden Widow

To be honest when I saw the cover art for Garden Widow, I just assumed O’Brother was going to sound something along the lines of mewithoutYou’s It’s All Crazy. Boy was I wrong. Thank goodness I was wrong.

Garden Widow is a fantastic post punk album that warms my little DC heart. It’s the perfect balance of punk fury and passion with that hint of indie rock melody that made bands like Fugazi so great. The feedback and fuzzed out bass that kick of Malum had me paying attention right away. Malum is a build into Lo. Lo is a full on driving assault that reminds me Queens of the Stone Age. Sputnik is a slow, groovy track that will have you swaying and banging. Poison isn’t my favorite song on the album. A real indie rock jam that’s nice but just doesn’t do anything for me. Lay Down keeps things low key and indie vibing but is a much stronger track then Poison.

The albums walks the line between post punk and indie rock perfectly. It’s an album I downloaded on a whim and I really enjoy. Only one track that didn’t work for me but the rest of Garden Widow is excellent. Great stuff from O’Brother.

One comment on “O’Brother – Garden Widow

  1. Bloggingblacklines
    November 29, 2011

    These guys are so underrated. The Death of Day was phenomenal. Waiting for the vinyl to arrive to listen to there latest.


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