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With Increase – Sign Of The Time

I’ve said all year that Blood and Ink Records is releasing the finest hardcore period. It rings true with my nostalgic spirit. The bands are raw and passionate and good. In a heavy music scene that’s overrun with over compressed guitars, digitally sampled drums, and more breakdowns than anyone wants, the Blood and Ink is a breathe of fresh air.

Blood and Ink’s latest band, With Increase have released an ep that will make any old school hardcore fan’s heart rejoice. Sign Of The Time could very easily be mistaken for one of the classic Solid State spirit-filled hardcore albums. With Increase instantly reminded me of Unashamed and Focused. It’s Florida hardcore at it’s finest. From the vocals to the way the songs move, it’s old school all the way without feeling dated.

Sign Of the Time is a passionate, aggressive hardcore record and my only complaint is that it’s too short. This is an ep that you’ll want on repeat for multiple listens.


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