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The Attending – Are You Watching Closely

I tweeted last week that if bands sound like a mid-90’s emo band, I’m probably going to be a fan. I was speaking of The Attending, one of the newest member of the Blood and Ink Family. Well Are You Watching Closely is self-described as post-emo, The Attending channels everything that was good about The Promise Ring and the midwest emo scene.

Are You Watching Closely is the perfect blend of great melodies with just enough off rhythms for diehard fans of the genre. What the Attending do best is creating catchy hooks. They aren’t just catchy and singable, but they ring as familiar, like a song you’ve heard before. La Jetee lulls you in slowly, catching your attention before Pin the Sidewalks and Smoke On A String (the best tracks on the record) kick in and steal your attention. As with most Blood and Ink releases, Are You Watching Closely is far too short but the songs are strong and catchy and hitting the repeat button isn’t hard.

With all the great releases Blood and Ink has put out this year, Are You Watching Closely might be my favorite. The Attending do emo (or post-emo) right.

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