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Saving Grace – The King Is Coming

Saving Grace impressed me with their Strike First Records debut Unbreakable. Just a solid heavy record and I loved it. I even said Saving Grace was a bright spot in a weak Christian hardcore scene. Now 2010 proved to be a great year for Christian heavy music but Unbreakable was the first one of the year.

The King Is Coming picks right up where Unbreakable left off. The King is Coming might actually be heavier. The title track launches the album off, an intro with the gang repeated phrase “The King Is Coming.” Shekinah comes blazing in with blast beats fully loaded before jumping into a breakdown. While there are more breakdowns on The King is Coming, Saving Grace does throw in some pretty solid guitar solos. Which leads to my complaint.

Unbreakable seemed to be more hardcore driven. It was catchier with some killer gang vocals and felt more like a hardcore record. The King is Coming has a more metal vibe. Which isn’t bad but the breakdown deathcore scene is pretty played out at this point and the minor deathcore vibes that were on Unbreakable run the show on The King is Coming.

Saving Grace deliver another solid record. And while it doesn’t click on all my musical tastes, fans of the band’s debut should be happy with this record.


2 comments on “Saving Grace – The King Is Coming

  1. bloggingblacklines
    December 16, 2011

    I loved unbreakable, but I'm still a bit on the fence about this one for some reason.

    Unbreakable just had so many catchy guitar parts….


  2. Patton
    December 16, 2011

    I agree. I'm not feeling this record anywhere as much as I did Unbreakable.


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