No Lost Cause – NLC

When Thumper Punk announced that they were releasing music from their first ska-core band, I was so stoked. I’m a huge ska fan. I was mildly disappointed to find out it was New Jersey’s No Lost Cause, a three piece ska/punk outfit. Not that I have any issue with the band, but listening to a three piece ska outfit when you’re looking forward to a seven piece band with a horn section… You can see where minor disappointment comes in.

What’s not disappointing is the band’s debut ep, NLC. While maybe not the ska I was hoping for, No Lost Cause will appeal to fans of Value Pac, Tasty Snax, Goldfinger, and possible old school Squad Five-O fans.

Anywhere But Here is a great punk song with a catchy hook. It’s a great introduction to No Lost Cause and the perfect way to start the ep. You’re instantly hooked. The One Who Rescues brings in the ska upbeats and will get you skanking. The upbeats on Fight Alone have a great flange/delay effect that give the track a rocksteady/reggae vibe on the verses before the distortion kicks in and you find yourself singing along to the chorus. No Weapon is great punk song that reminds me of Officer Negative’s debut record. The call and response chant on the chorus is perfect. My Strength is ska through and through. A great, danceable track that is the perfect album closer. But it’s not the album’s last song. No Lost Cause gives us an acoustic version of Fight Alone.

Minor disappointment turn into tons of enjoyment. NLC is a fantastic ep. It’s fun music. Perfect for any summer playlist.

You can stream NLC at

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