The Almost – Fear Inside Our Bones

I like The Almost. It took a while but I like the band. There were moments on Aaron Gillespie’s first solo venture as The Almost that I really enjoyed. There were also moments where I wasn’t sure. Monster Monster was more enjoyable. And the more I’ve listened to the Almost over the last couple of years, the more I like the band. 

The band’s third full-length, Fear Inside Our Bones, is easily the band’s best record to date. It’s a gritty rock and roll record. Aaron and the rest of the guys in The Almost have finally moved away from any sort of “scene” sound and have given us a straight forward rock and roll record.  

Ghost has a slow, sludgey, old school rock and roll vibe to it. The tom intro and fret hits on the guitar to open the song (and record) are perfect. While Gillespie has always sung with passion, there’s something different about it on this record. There’s a grit… Almost a scream, of giving it all he’s got. The title track, starts with just a guitar track and Gillespie’s vocals before Aaron screams and the track opens up and bursts through your speakers. I’m Down has an almost dancey guitar riff on the verse, but the song is 100% southern rock. But real southern rock. Not the southern inspired themes from Southern Weather, but actual souther rock. The Florida Sun is a beautiful ballad about renewal. It’s the only none full on rock and roll track on Fear Inside Our Bones. And even than the bridge builds and crescendos nicely.

Fear Inside Our Bones is an epic rock record. It’s gritty and upbeat. Songs attack you and make you listen. It’s more reminiscent of Foo Fighters than anything else The Almost has done (and given the Grohl/Gillespie comparison on the band’s debuts, this comparison finally works). Fans of The Almost and Gillespie will love this record. But even people who have been on the fence about the Almost, or have never liked the band previously, might find themselves enjoying Fear Inside Our Bones. It’s a great rock and roll record. Who can hate that?


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