Extol – Extol

The return of Extol is nothing but I a good thing. How could the metal legends returning not be?

The band’s self-titled new record is perfect. The only way to come into listening to Extol was to know that it was going to be a great metal record and that’s it. Not hoping for Undeceived part two or a reprise of The Blueprint Dives or anything in between.

Extol is the next progression. There’s more groove than anything the band’s written previously. And that groove kicks in right on the album’s opener, Betrayal. Peter Espevoll’s vocals sound great. And the cleans on the chorus add a great element. The return of Ole Børud on guitar is welcomed and his solo and Betrayal is fantastic. Open The Gates is a fun song (can Extol be fun?) that features a very Queen sounding hook. The guitar solo on Wastelands is beautiful. There’s a hint of classic Metallica on Faltering Moves and Behold the Sun brings back the Queen inspired vocals. The band even brought back some classical elements and darker tones that made Undeceived such a killer record (on Extol and Unveiling the Obscure). 

Extol’s return is every bit as awesome as I could’ve hoped for. The band has stepped forward and progressed their sound once again (which is to be expected after the layoff), but they still produced an excellent metal record worthy of being in the great Extol discography. Older metal heads like myself will love Extol’s return. And I think younger fans will also connect with this record. 

Extol’s back!!

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