Christ’s Sake – Christ’s Sake

Thumper Punk’s newest band is Christ’s Sake and the label has released the band’s 2012 self-titled record.

Christ’s Sake feels like new ground for Thumper Punk. While the label has a variety of bands and none of them play the same style of punk. But Christ’s Sake is has something else going on. The band is less punk than you’d expect from Thumper Punk.

Christ’s Sake is a great record. Fun music and faith-filled lyrics. Jesus is Calling and Lift Up are rock song with some minor country sounding elements. They remind me of Tragedy Ann. 23, My Jesus, and Revival are good old fashioned pop punk goodness. I Pray is straight forward punk rock. Find My Way Out has some killer ska elements. Fill Me Up and Set Me Free end the record on an acoustic note. It might sound like the album is a little all over the place but it’s the diversity that helps make it such an interesting and good listen.

Christ’s Sake might not be what you’d expect from Thumper Punk Records, and I like that. Christ’s Sake bring something different and fresh to the table.

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