Flyleaf – Who We Are

When Lacey announced she was leaving Flyleaf, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Flyleaf going forward. When Kristen May from Vedera was announced as the new vocalist, I gave Vedera a listen. And honestly I wasn’t sure how she was going to fit in with Flyleaf. Lacey’s passion and vocal style was Flyleaf. 

Unless you’ve seen Flyleaf live, Who We Are is the first chance to hear the new look Flyleaf. 

The only new song on the record is Something Better. The song features Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. and if you were worried that Flyleaf’s sound was going to change, this song will have all sorts of bells and whistles and warning flares going off in your head. 

Something Better is a great song. Extremely catchy and the play between May and Sandoval works beautifully. It’s more of a rock song, but Flyleaf has slowly been going more rock than hard rock over their last two records. It doesn’t have the same bite lyrically or vocally as the band’s previous work, but new vocalist/lyricist will do that. A great song but it marks a huge shift for Flyleaf, which is natural. 

The rest of the ep is the band live. Call You Out sounds great vocally. May does a pretty good job capturing some of Strum’s vocal nuances. Fire Fire and Sorrow option sound good but May’s voice is without a doubt, sweeter sounding than Strum’s. The same grit, pain, and passion isn’t felt. 

Who We Are is an enjoyable ep, and a good glimpse for Flyleaf fans at new vocalist Kristen May. Something Better is a great song that I see having a lot of radio playability. If fans freak out or love it is yet to be seen. But I think there’s still life and hope in Flyleaf. 

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