Thirtyseven – This Is What I Want

I love pop punk. Catchy and infectious, pop punk. But it seems like the only people in the pop punk business are the same people who have been making pop punk for the last 10+ years. So I was pleasantly surprised my first listen through Thiryseven’s new record, This Is What I Want.

This Is What I Want is full of catchy hooks, thought provoking lyrics, and fun times. Fans of New Found Glory, Side Walk Slam, and Slick Shoes should find a new favorite in Thirtyseven.

There’s a slight hardcore tinge in the gang vocals on songs like Everyday, I Hate My Job Way Too Much To Not Do That, and Story of The Year that will reminds people of Close Yours Eyes or Stretch Arm Strong, but Thirtyseven is pure pop punk. The catchiness out of the gates on You Made Your Beard, Now Lie In It, all the way to Best Of Me is infectious and a dozen or so listens through the record, it’s just as enjoyable now as it was when I first hit play. Called Out is a great punk “ballad”. Moving On is a great surprise at the end of the record, the offers a hardcore side of Thirtyseven. It’s a well done track that doesn’t feel awkward or misplaced.

This Is What I Want is a thoroughly enjoyable record, perfect for the end of the summer. Great, catchy, memorable hooks. Pop punk perfection.

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